Best Rice Cooker For Brown Rice

Best Rice Cooker for Brown Rice

Rice Cooker

If brown rice is part of your daily meal and you want to enjoy all the textures, then the best brown rice cooker is sure to keep you. Here you will find the best brands of American rice cookers with models that include advances in each feature.

Brown rice is America’s favorite. After all, it is considered very nutritious for smart and health-conscious people like you. Brown rice will give you most of the manganese, calcium, potassium, protein, magnesium, etc.

The method of cooking brown rice, white rice, and various other types of rice is different. If you cook brown rice in the pan you use to cook white rice, then your brown rice will surely have a semi-liquid texture that will certainly not retain the true flavor of brown rice.


What to do now?

Brown Rice

The best brown rice cooker presented by the best brands is a real solution to your problem. Buying a pot for white rice and one for brown rice is not a good deal. So why not cook everything in a rice cooker?

The cooking style of rice is no longer common. Electric rice cookers are designed with a digital display with various functions. This means that you can not only cook brown rice but also varieties of rice and many other dishes in one kitchen. Isn’t it so amazing?

Now, after going through the list below, you will know how efficient, safe, and tasty your brown rice cooker is with incredible features.

Why do you Need a Brown Rice Cooker?

White rice and brown rice come from the same grain. But, they have a fundamental difference which is the outer layer of sound. White rice lacks a layer. Almost everyone can cook white rice perfectly, but they complain about brown rice.

Brown rice takes longer than white rice and tends to be firm. This is all due to the outer layer of sound. On the other hand, not all kitchens can retain the aroma of brown rice. These are the exact reasons why you need a specific rice cooker for brown rice.

The Best Rice Cooker for Brown Rice Purchase Guide

White rice and brown rice come from the same grain. But, they have a fundamental difference which is the outer layer of sound. White rice lacks a layer. Almost everyone can cook white rice perfectly, but they complain about brown rice.

Brown rice takes longer than white rice and tends to be firm. This is all due to the outer layer of sound. On the other hand, not all kitchens can retain the aroma of brown rice. These are the exact reasons why you need a specific rice cooker for brown rice.

As we all know, eating brown rice is good for your health and, if properly prepared, brown rice will maintain nutrition and flavor, both. So choosing the best rice cooker for brown rice guides is the right way to get the right device for perfect, nutritious brown rice.

1- Size

When buying a rice cooker, size is the first factor to consider. The size measurement of rice cookers is determined by several cups of raw white rice. That means 2 cups of uncooked rice means 4 cups of cooked rice. Just double enough.

Mainly, the rice cooker is available between 2 to 8 cups of a liter capacity. For 2-3 family members, it will be good to invest in a small kitchen. Discover the different brands of kitchens of different capacities.

2- Heating technology

Heating or warming technology is also essential. Microcomputer technology maintains the exact temperature and cooking time. Even the heat supplied to the entire surface makes cooking perfect.

3- Non-stick interior pots

The non-stick inner pots are generally removable in rice cookers. This makes your work easier in 2 ways. The non-stick coating prevents cooked rice or any dish from sticking, making cleaning quick and easy. However, this will facilitate service.

4- Fuzzy logic technology

Fuzzy logic technology or digital signage dispels your hassle. These options make each function easy to use and understand. A single one-touch button easily handles all tasks.

5- Keep the function warm

The keep-warm feature is additional and more common in rice cookers. Once the rice is cooked, this function is automatically activated. If he is not available to eat right away, he will still retain the warmth and flavor of the cooked rice.

6- Accessories

The rice cooker brands also include useful accessories in the packaging. The rice measuring cup, the steam basket, the non-stick pot, the spatula, the tablespoon, the protective cover, etc. These accessories not only make your job easier but also save you money.

7- Additional cooking options

The best brands of brown rice cookers consist of not only the brown rice option but many other food options. For your convenience, you have several types of rice, steam, stir fry, yogurt, dessert, pasteurization, slow cooking, and more cooking options.

8- Cool-Touch technology

Cool-Touch technology keeps the body and the handle of the device cool. Whenever you lift the pot or inner pot, you are safe and protected from burns.

Top 10 Best Rice Cookers for Brown Rice

You want a rice cooker that can cook brown rice perfectly. But don’t you like the features if the kitchen will have more options? .

We have a collection that will offer more performance in addition to cooking brown rice.

Instant Pot Duo Mini 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1 Electric Pressure CookerThe new Duo Nova multi-cooker is even easier to cook with the most popular Instant Pot.

It is one of the best rice cooker for brown rice.

We always prefer the multifunctional product and the article which has several options. This is the article that is more than just a best rice cooker for brown rice. You will have more cooking options, including brown rice.

It is a multifunctional rice cooker. You will find a total of 14 buttons on the body of this rice cooker. The different buttons give you a different function and you will get many options. You can set the timer to start the delay, you can set the pressure and you can delete any button after pressing by mistake. This means that you have full options for keeping the rice cooker in style.

The inner pot and all internal components are made of stainless steel materials. And the inner parts of the pot and lid are only dishwasher safe. You can operate the rice cooker with a normal 120 V supply.

to do all.

Key Features

  • Compact Size: Large size for small homes and accessories, or wherever space is limited. It has all the functionality of the Duo60 in a compact format.
  • Replaces up to 7 Appliances: Combine 7 kitchen appliances in 1 to save space, including pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, stir fry, yogurt and radiator.
  • 14 One-Touch Cooking Presets for Faster Cooking: soup/broth, meat/stew, beans/chili, poultry, stir fry/cook, steam, rice, porridge, steam, slow cook, keep warm, yogurt, manual cook and under pressure.
  • The Best-Selling Model: controls pressure, temperature, maintains time, and adjusts the intensity and duration of heating to obtain the desired results at any time. Prepare dishes up to 70% faster.
  • Easy to Clean: stainless steel cover resistant to fingerprints and dishwasher-safe components and accessories.


  • A single press can activate the functional buttons.
  • You can use different uses, such as the slow cooker, the pressure cooker, the steamer, the yogurt, etc.
  • It has an adjustable pressure switch.
  • There is no chemical coating on the inner pot that can produce unhealthy food.


  • According to users, the pressure indicated by the valve is too low.

Real User Review

Just received this air fryer lid today for my existing 6 quart instant pot. It worked amazingly well with the two batches of chicken wings and fries that I cooked. The chicken wings turned out crispy and juicy, and the fries turned out even better than the deep fried version! I also tried making crispy brussel sprouts which turned out deliciously well. The fryer circulates air effectively and definitely gets hot enough to make food crispy. Lifting the lid to check on the food is easy, especially with the included plastic pad that you can rest the lid on while it's hot. Keep in mind that this air fryer only works with certain instant pot models, so make sure to check that yours is compatible. No problems so far with this air fryer lid - my instant pot is now my go-to and most used kitchen appliance! Very happy with this purchase and can't wait to use it more.

COSORI CP016-PC Electric 6 Qt 8-in-1 Instant Stainless Steel Pot Pressure Cooker

Cosori Instant Stainless Steel Pot Pressure CookerIt is also a multifunctional rice cooker. It can be compared to the first product on this list. It also offers many options as the first product on this list. It has many functions like a steam cooker, slow cooker, pressure cooker, heating, etc.

You will see several buttons displayed at the position of the control panel. But all the buttons you won’t need all the time. But you have a choice.

To cook the food in best brown rice cooker, you have the choice. You also get essential accessories that you may need frequently.

The inner pot, steam grill, glass lid, rice spoon, measuring cup, ladle, and additional sealing ring are supplied with the item. Among them, the inner pot, the steam basket, and the glass lid are dishwasher safe.

Key Features

  • Pressure Relief Valve: Ensures that pressure is maintained within safe operating levels.
  • Lid Lock Safety: Prevents the lid from opening while the jar is under pressure.
  • Anti-Clogging Protection: prevents food particles from blocking the pressure relief valve.
  • Lid Position Monitor: Prevents the pressure cooker from operating if the lid is not properly positioned.
  • Limit Switch Protection: Watches to ensure your cover is sealed and secure. The automatic pressure control protector always keeps the pressure within a safe range.
  • Electric Current Monitor: Automatically stops the pressure cooker if the current exceeds safe operating levels.
  • Over Pressure Protection: releases internal pressure to avoid dangerous situations.
  • Temperature Controller: Ensures even cooking of food, but does not burn
  • Over Heating Monitor: cuts the current to the temperature fuse if the internal temperature exceeds the safety limits.


  • Multi-functional capacity.
  • The article provides a ton of options.
  • Keep warm and delay options.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The price is very affordable.


  • It takes a while to warm up.

Real User Review

I am new to using Pressure Cookers, but researched throughly online and then watched a lot of YouTubes and Pinterest before choosing Cosori 6 QT Pressure Cooker. I was drawn by the cost that included extra accessories and seemed very similar to the leading competitors brand. I was very excited when the Cosori Pressure Cooker arrived and unpacked it right away and was making boiled eggs in Pressure Cooker within 15 minutes of unpacking and have used the Pressure Cooker to make dinner every night. I love the heavy inner pot, it’s very durable and includes measurements up the side. Meat cooks in no time and prep is easy. I love it! My next dinner is going to be ribs, I can’t wait. Ever meat cooked so far has been fork tender and delicious. And the stock or sauce which every I decide to go with is chalked with flavor, just add vegetables in that juice or sauce and you can have dinner in as little as 30 minutes or less in some cases. And the cooking smells make the house smell wonderful. This is my favorite cooking pot right now, and replaces my rice cooker, steamer, fry pan, sauce pan, slow cooker and microwave. All I need is my coffee pot, toaster and blender,
Paulette Hilk

Hamilton Beach Digital Programmable Rice Cooker & Food Steamer

Hamilton Beach Digital Programmable Rice Cooker & Food SteamerIt is a medium-sized rice cooker designed primarily for cooking brown rice. But you can effectively cook porridge and steamed vegetables.

It is this type of product that provides performance year after year without producing problems.

This Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker is not such a big item, but it can hold up to 14 cups of cooked rice. It has a compact design that allows it to be stored in a congested place.

In this cooker, you don’t have as many options, but they are all very functional and effective for your rice cooker.

You can keep food warm for a long time after cooking is finished. It hasn’t been done yet, it has a lazy start mode and you can use the button if you want to start cooking after a while.

Set the timer and prepare food after a long return home.

Key Features

  • Pre-programmed Settings: six different settings on this hot pot of rice/cereals eliminate cooking uncertainties. Choose from white rice, quick rice, whole grains, simmer/simmer, steam, and hot cereals.
  • Cooking in a Pan: steam seafood, poultry or vegetables in the steam basket while the rice is cooking, or use the simmer/heat option to make your soups, beans or mixtures flavored pasta
  • Make Meal Planning Easier: the delayed start function of the rice cooker allows you to plan cooking up to 11 hours in advance. Automatically switches to the hot setting after cooking to keep food ready to serve.
  • 7 cups uncooked resulting in 14 cups (cooked)


  • 3 options allow you to cook brown rice, porridge, and steamed vegetables.
  • Compact size which makes the rice cooker easy to store.
  • Keep food hot for a long time.
  • Guaranteed to cook healthy food.


  • The complaint of some users that rice becomes sticky

Real User Review

Great rice cooker! We've used this almost everyday since it arrived a few weeks ago. We've cooked both white and brown rice, and both have turned out well. My favorite feature is the warmer after the rice cooks, so if the other parts of the meal aren't finished yet, the rice stays warn without getting dried out or burnt.

Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked)Rice Cooker

Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker And WarmerAre you from your family? Is rice your only staple food? Whatever your family needs to cook rice, you may need to steam vegetables.

And sometimes you may need to bake a cake for four family members, friends or someone else. Zojirushi NS-TSC10 allows you to create all the menus.

The item can be the perfect choice for your medium family with 4 to 5 members. To cook food, the manufacturer uses fuzzy logic technology in the rice cooker.

Therefore, you can cook rice effectively by measuring, monitoring, and adjusting the temperature yourself.

It is not only a rice cooker but also a radiator. Keeps food warm for a long time. A lid always covers the pan during cooking and the two sides are removable.

It is therefore easy to clean. If you count the top 10 rice cookers, you should consider this Zojirushi rice cooker as the best rice cooker, and this is a best rice cooker for brown rice.

Key Features

  • Steam Settings: The steam settings menu cook’s seafood, vegetables, and healthier foods.
  • Cake Menu Settings: The Cake menu perfectly bakes soft cakes. In the user manual, you will also find the cheesecake and sponge cake recipes.
  • Steam Basket: the steam basket steams the food and cooks the rice simultaneously.
  • Retractable Power Cord: The retractable power cord is built-in, making it easy to transport and store.
  • LCD: The easy-to-read LCD includes timer and clock functions. Also included are the automatic function to keep warm, the heating function, and the extended function to keep warm.
  • Delayed Timer: The delayed timer includes 2 settings that allow you to cook food when you need it.
  • Indoor Cooking Tray: the indoor cooking dish with non-stick coating prevents cooked rice from sticking and makes cleaning easier.


  • Fog logic technology maintains the time, temperature, and monitor to cook rice to perfection.
  • The lid and the pan are removable and easy to clean.
  • It has 2 delay settings to start cooking later.
  • Beeps will sound when cooking is complete. You can change the sound signal.


  • It is perfect for cooking small grains. Longer beans require more time to cook.

Real User Review

My wife wanted this for a long time, so I finally bought it about 6 months ago. I had long doubted this rice cooker could make rice taste any better than the cheap $20 rice cooker we've been using for years. However, I've been completely blown away by the quality of the rice that comes out of this machine. I'm not a big rice eater, but I am now a believer in this machine. I won't ever be going back to $20 rice cookers again.
W Bee

TIGER JBV-A10U(Uncooked)Rice Cooker with Food Steamer Basket

Tiger Jbv A10u Rice Cooker With Food Steamer Basket,Tiger Corporation has made a rice cooker that is simple but much more advanced than the typical rice cooker with a single button.

The rice cooker comes to you in your favorite white color, and you also find a handle that is in the center on both sides. In the rice cooker, you get a few buttons, and they all speak for themselves.

The first is used for simple rice cooking, the second for synchronized cooking, the third for the desired brown rice and the last button allows you to slowly cook and steam the vegetables.

The inner pot is non-stick and can be easily cleaned. But you can’t wash it in the dishwasher. The rice cooker has already received so many positive reviews from users due to its high functional quality. Thank you, Tiger, for making such a good rice cooker.

Key Features

  • 4 Cooking Menu Platforms: plain rice, brown rice, slow cooking, and synchronous cooking. Cook fluffy flat rice with simple menu settings, the brown rice feature absorbs water for long and better cooking and also slows food. The synchronized cooking function cooks 2 foods at the same time.
  • Automatic Keep Warm: The keep-warm function will keep your food warm for the specified time.
  • Non-Stick Inner Pot: The non-stick inner pot prevents rice or any dish from sticking and makes cleaning easier, which saves time.
  • Indoor Steam Cover: The indoor steam cover is removable for easy cleaning.
  • Accessories: The set of accessories includes a non-stick spatula, a measuring cup, a cooking plate, a manual for the synchronized cooking function.


  • The rice cooker has several cooking options.
  • He promises to cook a perfect menu every time.
  • Surveillance does not need it.
  • Cook the rice evenly and at the bottom, you can't find sticky rice, unlike the others.


  • The cover is not removable; It is, therefore, difficult to clean.

Real User Review

I'm Japanese-American and I cook (usually white) rice every single day, so all I wanted in a rice cooker was something that cooks rice well. I didn't need it to be able to steam veggies, or slow cook, or anything else - I just wanted something that's gonna give me solid, delicious rice night after night, and this rice cooker absolutely delivers that. (It can totally steam veggies though.) My personal pet peeve is "burnt" dried/hard rice you get on the sides or bottom of cheap rice cookers, and with this Tiger, I don't have to be concerned about that at all because it cooks the whole pot evenly. And man, is it fast!! Maybe it's because I've only had cheapo rice cookers all throughout college, but I had no idea that making 3.5+ cups of rice in under 30 minutes was even possible. I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this rice cooker if you're looking for a no-frills, solid appliance that's going to give you amazing rice every time.
Kira Okamoto

COMFEE' Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Steamer

Comfee Rice Cooker And SteamerCOMFEE 5.2Qt, the best rice cooker for brown rice, is committed to providing you with comfortable cooking experience. COMFEE offers healthy food with 12 digital cooking programs for shrimp, yogurt, meatballs, pumpkin soup, spaghetti, etc.

 It is a quality steamer and steamer, a yogurt machine, a stew, a slow cooker, a soup pot, etc. A true all-in-one kitchen appliance.

It contains 20 cups of cooked rice and multiple functions for cooking tasty dishes with easy to use functions.

 The material is completely safe for your food as it is BPA free and the non-stick coating makes cleaning easy. You need the power of 120v / 60hz.

The best brown rice cooker from COMFEE is versatile with unlimited cooking functions. The screen is fairly easy to read and use and additional accessories are also included.

The best brown rice cooker from COMFEE is versatile with unlimited cooking functions. The screen is fairly easy to read and use and additional accessories are also included.

Key Features

  • Stainless Steel Design: The rubbed stainless steel exterior makes cleaning easy.
  • Digital LED Display: Readings from the digital LED display is easy to understand and use. The preset 24-hour timer cooks quickly. Also, the steam ventilation function is designed.
  • Keep Warm Function: Once the rice is ready, it automatically switches to the Keep warm function for 12 hours to obtain tasty and hot rice.
  • 24-Hour Timer: prepares food on demand and saves time.
  • Cool-Touch Technology: The handle of Cool-Touch technology is safe to hold and convenient to transport without burning when the pot is removed.
  • Non-Stick Inner Pot: easy to use and clean. The capacity of 20 cups / 5.2 pints is designed to prepare food for a large family.


  • The cover can be easily released with the button.
  • Several options for cooking rice.
  • Cool-touch technology for added security.
  • Easy to use.


  • There are no significant drawbacks.

Real User Review

I love it! At first I didn't think it worked because it takes longer for brown rice. My old cooker only took only 20 min this takes an hour for the brown, but when you smell it soaking it is worth every bit of time.
Mary Richards

Cuckoo CR-0655F Rice Cooker & Warmer

Cuckoo Cr 0655f Rice Cooker & WarmerThe best rice cooker for brown rice The cuckoo CR-0655F is an electric cooker with a capacity of 6 cups without cooking.

The exclusive red and white color combination kitchen is designed with high-quality aluminum and the inner pot with a non-stick coating prevents food from sticking. The range measures 1.08 liters / 1.5 pints.

120 volts / 60 Hz power required. The appliance consists of 8 smart cooking programs such as white rice, mixed rice, whole grain GABA, baby food, porridge, steam, multiple cookers, heating / reheating, etc.

Intelligent algorithm technology prepares delicious GABA or brown rice in the shortest possible time.

Cuckoo offers the best little rice cooker for brown rice that easily adapts to the budget. It offers unique additional cooking programs with different flavors.

Key Features

  • Multiple Cooking: Consists of several preprogrammed cooking functions. The cooking time and the heat level are maintained for different dishes.
  • Different Rice Cooking Methods are Designed: white rice, GABA rice, mixed rice, fine porridge, thick porridge, Nu Rung Ji, etc.
  • Keep Warm: Keep warm mode will automatically activate after cooking to keep cooked rice hot and flavorful.
  • "My Mode" Technology: thanks to the "My mode" technology, the user can select the degree of softness and brightness by adjusting the level of soaking and heat. The 4 different stages offer 16 different flavors of rice.
  • Preset Time: You can set the cooking time of the rice up to 12 hours-50 minutes.
  • Automatic Steam Cleaning: A powerful jet of steam is discharged at the touch of a button to clean and disinfect the interior of the rice cooker.


  • Easy cleaning with removable cover.
  • Cook several rice dishes with different flavors.
  • The thermal fuse protects against overheating.
  • 1-year warranty on parts.


  • There is no steam tank.

Real User Review

We have a Japanese well know brand rice cooker for some times now. The inner pot started peeling and got into the cooked rice. I've heard a lot of good things about Cuckoo and decided to try since it was on sale. The result.. oh my!! The rice came out so delicious! Multi-function as well. You will not regret!!
Mama Panda

Panasonic Rice Cooker & Multi-Cooker

Panasonic Rice Cooker & Multi Cooker Sr G06fglPanasonic SR-G06FGL The best small rice cooker for real silver brown rice cook 6 cups of cooked rice and other foods.

Prepare 3 cups of uncooked rice in 6 cups of cooked rice with the automatic switching cooking technique. A perfect device for singles, families, or busy professionals.

The interior non-stick pan is coated with aluminum which distributes heat evenly for cooking quality rice. This quality also facilitates cleaning and improves the durability of the device.

Students or any busy professional can pick the best Panasonic rice cooker for brown rice. Enjoy delicious meals and movies with less time spent in the kitchen

Key Features

  • Versatile Kitchen: with a single button you can not only prepare any rice dish, but many other varieties can be prepared. Soups, oatmeal, vegetables, macaroni and cheese, and also stew.
  • Automatic Cooking with a Twist: now everyone can taste rice dishes prepared quickly. A single switch will easily prepare brown, yellow, white, short, and long beans.
  • Automatic Stop: the appliance stops working with an automatic stop function once the cooking is finished.
  • Tempered Glass Cover: The transparent tempered glass cover is designed with a button that allows you to safely monitor the progress of cooking.
  • Non-Stick Interior Tray: The non-stick interior tray is coated with aluminum for even heat distribution. This coating facilitates cleaning and improves durability.


  • Cook a variety of rice and various other dishes.
  • Automatic cooking in one step.
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy observation of the cooking of the tempered glass lid.
  • Turns off automatically when cooking is finished.
  • Accessory elements include a rice measuring cup and a rice spoon.
  • Indicator light designed for easy use.
  • Uniform heat distribution.


  • There are no significant drawbacks.

Real User Review

This rice cooker is small...about the size of a mini crock pot. It is exactly what I have been looking for. It makes just enough rice for two large entrée size bowls. Rice is perfect every time. I have had no problem with the rice cooker boiling over but I took a tip from another reviewer and make sure I rinse the rice well. I also use the measuring cup provided for both the rice and the water. So far, so good.

Presto 05813 16-Cup Digital Stainless Steel Rice Cooker/Steamer

Presto Digital Stainless Steel Rice CookerPresto 05813 The best small rice cooker for brown rice has a capacity of 4 to 16 cups and keeps the texture of rice warm for long hours. He cooked white rice and brown rice with incredible flavor.

It is designed with a combination of quality silver and black stainless steel and weighs 6.83 pounds. It consumes the power of 120 volts / 60 Hz and 650 watts.

He not only cook’s tasty dishes but also maintains the level of nutrition on your plate. The designed non-stick jar can be removed, which makes it easy to serve food and also makes cleaning easier.

The best brown rice cooker presented by Presto prepares 2 foods at a time. Steam any food easily without losing nutrients The removable pot serves hot and then makes cleaning easier.

Key Features

  • Removable Pot: The pot is removable, which facilitates cleaning and maintenance.
  • Hinged Lid: The hinged lid is easy to open and has a handle for comfortable holding and the steam vent is removable.
  • Steam Basket: The appliance includes a portable steam basket that steams vegetables and also cooks rice simultaneously.
  • Accessories: accessories include a non-stick pot, a rice paddle, a steam basket, a measuring spoon for rice.
  • Keep Warm Function: When cooking is finished, it will automatically switch to keep warm function to keep food warm for long hours.
  • Digital Display: The digital display can be used with a button to adjust the brown rice.
  • • Indicator light: The indicator light indicates the functions of the white and brown rice as well as the keeping warm mode.


  • Easy to use digital display.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Prepare 2 dishes at a time.
  • Automatic function to keep warm.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • The timer function was not designed.

Real User Review

Makes delicious rice and it's built to last. I got one of these back around 2012/2013 and enjoyed it for 6-7 years before we accidentally snapped a piece in the steam vent. Decided to get the same model again because it worked so well and was priced right. Vegetable steamer works well too, but we don't use it often.

Aroma Housewares ARC-1120SBL Smart Carb, Food Steamer

Aroma Housewares Arc 1120sbl Smart Carb, Food SteamerHousehold items Aroma ARC-150SB, the best rice cooker for brown rice is a digital pot with 20 cups of rice (10 cups of uncooked rice) with cooking capacity.

This automatic rice cooker with STS function sautéed on low heat. You can easily set the high heat level and brown or sauté your food.

You can then proceed to the slow cooking process by adding liquid. This function saves you time and prepares chili, Spanish rice, risotto, etc.

The versatile appliance includes 1 dozen cooking functions with a steam tray that prepares incredible soft cakes, dishes for cooking and eating.

The aroma offers you the best brown rice cooker with versatile cooking options. Discover safe cooking with cool-touch technology. Eat nutritious food and control congestion in minutes.

Key Features

  • Integrated Steam Function: The steam function is integrated and vaporizes food while maintaining the level of nutrition. Downstairs you can prepare another dish without losing flavor and saving time.
  • Multiple Cooking Options: The unit includes options for white rice, brown rice, instant rice, steam, slow cook, ST's stir fry, self-timer, and reheat.
  • Accessories: The accessory set includes a measuring cup, a steamer, a rice spatula, and a tablespoon.
  • Instant Rice Function: The instant rice function cook’s stubborn quality grains in less time.
  • Keep Warm Function: the keep warm function is activated automatically when the rice is ready. Therefore, monitoring is not required.
  • 15-Hour Timer: The 15-hour timer is perfect for families on the go who quickly cook delicious rice.


  • Removable accessories make cleaning easier.
  • BPA free material used.
  • Prepare 2 dishes simultaneously.
  • Condensation collector.
  • Cold touch surface.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Without detachable cable.

Real User Review

I use this daily not for rice, I have a deficsted Aroma Rice Cooker. I am an older cook I began to forget food on stove, which is not unusual as we age. This allows nutritious cooking and I never have to worry when I leave “did I turn off stove” it goes to warm after cooking. Food always ready. Also for the young busy cook. I have sent this cooker to three young relatives they love it.

Tips for using the best brown rice cooker

If you take care of your rice cooker, you also worry about rice or other cereals. You can leave the rice cooker running for years. For the first, we say using the kitchen with electricity as a manufacturer’s recommendation. For example, if they say it’s safe for 120v, don’t use it on 150v or more.

After each use, you must properly clean the rice cooker. Not only the inside, but you also have to clean it outside. And you should not turn on the rice cooker when you are not using it. If you want to keep it for a few days, first clean the rice cooker and let it dry. Then you can store it.

You should not use the rice cooker on a wet surface. It may cause an electric shock. Always keep the rice cooker in a dry place and try to keep it always dry. And you care about your rice cooker.


Having everything in a kitchen appliance seems real to the user. We have chosen the best models of brand brown rice cookers to ensure the real texture and maintain the nutrition level of smart users as you need it.

The amazing models of the best rice cooker for brown rice have amazing deals for you. The list of features is endless, which fits well with his busy schedule and also takes care of his precious health.

Final words

Today, a rice cooker is a standard kitchen appliance. If you like to eat brown rice, you should have a rice cooker for brown rice. There are many traditional and ordinary cuisines on the market, but you need to choose the best rice cooker for brown rice.

This is why we have made this list so that you can get the best rice cooker at an affordable price. With these rice cookers, you can get a faster cooking experience and perfect cooking. Which one is ideal for you on this list? Decide first, then go for the purchase.